Good Grief

 Max has the uncanny ability to provide solid no nonsense counsel in the most compassionate and empathetic way. 

I met Max through a friend and did not think I would ever be grieving as much as I was just a month after meeting her.  She walked me through the areas where I kept getting stuck and showed me how to sit in pain, something that I had constantly tried to avoid. She  helped me see that it was the desire to avoid pain that was keeping me stuck. She helped me find a safe way to allow myself to felt the things I had refused to feel for many years.  She was faithfully by my side to give me confidence that I could get through the process.  

Max won't do the work for you - she does one better.  She will patiently guide you through the steps that must be taken on the path to healing and wholeness.  Her kindness and expertise have made all the difference in my journey.  MRB


 Max is a unicorn, a really gifted coach. Her greatest strengths are her ability to listen and get you to open up, as if she possesses a magical tin opener. Non-judgemental, personable and warm, and moreover insightful, my talks with Max have always been enlightening and very beneficial.   AH